The Italian in Paris

Alessandra Bertoldini was born in Milan and raised in Lake Como by a family who loved, understood and taught her everything

A University degree in Philosophy with a graduation thesis on comics and then a trip to Paris which was supposed to last one month and is still not over

Many years spent working for a modeling agency and in 2010 she creates one from scratch with a friend

After managing the career, the trips, the talents and the dramas of hundred of models she is now ready to present what deserves attention to her EYE

She loves beauty

She loves connecting

Sharing ideas Wandering

She loves to mix people

She stands for her own values

She quickly understands if something works out

She loves sharing her knowledge among young people

She wants to still learn

She loves taking care of plants

She is into yoga

She loves ballet

She loves to read

She is always in love with Italy but half of her heart now belongs to Paris