The Italian in Paris

December 2019
Le Molière

November 2019


May 2019
Officile Universelle Buly


December 2018 
La Cartonnerie

"Thank you for informing me of such a beautiful initiative. The natural, spacious, context presenting a limited quantity of visually attractive as well as durable high quality items, transformed my daily shopping into a pleasure I would not have thought possible. It gave the feeling that the goods being transacted were one and the same with the surroundings and the visitors. Furthermore, the website advertising the items corresponded remarkably well with the unusual experience of the shopping environment. My congratulations to you and the entire team of the Italian in Paris. I hope you will continue in this sense. This type of well being is increasingly lacking in today's public spaces." - Valerie

"Je ne pourrai te décrire exactement ce que j'ai personnellement ressenti dans ce lieu magique, secret et tellement authentique, tu nous as fait passer un moment délicieux, chaleureux et raffiné. Nous avons découvert grace à toi de beaux produits et la mise en scène contribuait à donner une atmosphère très particulière. Une soirée qui restera dans les mémoires." - Ines

"Dicono che per farti venire una buona idea devi abituarti a stare al buio tollerare la paura di non vederci niente poi gli occhi gradualmente si abituano e l'illuminazione arriva. Il tuo The Italian in Paris e' un viaggio sensibilissimo nella bellezza." - Eleonora